Rainbow Loom Rings are the easiest piece of jewelry to make because the space to create is more limited. Due to the smaller patterns, there tends to be more designs featured for this style of jewelry, than any other.

Vibrant colors and unique designs will have your friends buzzing about your creations. Rainbow Loom Rings are also a great introduction to entrepreneurialism for kids. Kidtrepreneurs are a new by-product from the Rainbow Loom craze and because there are fewer materials used in the formation of these Rainbow Loom Rings, the ability to sell them to friends and make a profit to buy more supplies is easiest.

Beginner Ring Patterns

Rainbow Loom Rings
Rainbow Loom Flower
Flower Ring

Rainbow Loom Rings
Rainbow Loom Hexagon
Hexagon Ring

Rainbow Loom Rings
Rainbow Loom Starburst
Starburst Ring